réflexologie plantaire soin holistique

Reflexology is a reflex point massage practice. It is commonly practiced on the feet but acts on the whole body based on its self-healing capacity.

Foot reflexology involves exerting pressure on specific areas of the feet that will generate nerve impulses to the brain and then to the targeted organs. During a session, I massage the whole foot, which stimulates the whole body and its systems. Then the analysis of the symptoms and the sensitivity of the foot will allow to develop a treatment targeted to certain organs. To treat a specific condition, 3 to 6 sessions will be necessary. Reflexology also promotes a very deep relaxation, and can be used simply as a relaxing treatment.

By acting subtly on the endocrine system, reflexology helps to treat many hormonal imbalances and / or relieve symptoms such as diabetes, menopause, hypo or hyperthyroidism and some mood disorders. Reflexology also gives excellent results for insomnia problems by acting on the production of melatonin. In addition, by stimulating the cleansing and elimination functions in the liver, kidneys and colon, reflexology helps to detoxify the body, limit the side effects of drugs, especially chemotherapy and prevent migraines. It is also a therapy of choice to accompany the future mother throughout her pregnancy by helping to alleviate ailments such as nausea, difficult digestion, gastroesophageal reflux and of course, facilitate childbirth by stimulating the production of oxytocin.