Therapeutic massage

massage thérapeutique et mal de dos

Therapeutic massage sometimes called sports massage is not necessarily a massage that hurts!!

The primary goal is to restore functionality to your body. For this, I could devote time to a diagnosis by performing muscle tests and / or analysis of postural disorders. Even if only one treatment is enough to eliminate acute pain like torticollis, it will usually take 3 to 5 sessions for a deep and lasting recovery.

Therapeutic massage usually includes stretching, specific work on muscle knots or painful tendons, lots of drainage and, of course, tips to improve your condition on a daily basis.

It helps to relieve muscle tension, relieve or prevent tendonitis, reduce the impact of chronic pain such as osteoarthritis or frequent pain such as low back pain, neck pain and true or false sciatica. It is also very useful to get back in shape after a pregnancy.